I am a writer and artist. After a varied career as a journalist, magazine editor, copywriter, PR and designer, I have now settled into my long-held aim of writing fiction, and developing my artistic output.

My first novel: ‘Hidden Gems’, was published several years ago. I am now working on my second novel: ‘Sparks’, due to be published in 2020. I have also written many short stories, which I hope to collate and publish during 2021.

My visual art has always been on the back burner until recently. Now I have a little more time I have started to focus more on working up idea threads generated over many years. I have attended life drawing sessions on and off for decades. In 2014 I set up life drawing sessions at the Green Man Gallery in Buxton, Derbyshire, my home town. They are still running every Tuesday evening from 7-9, for anyone who’d like to attend.

In my art (and writing), I like to keep an open mind about what I produce, and how. My main motivation is simply to create stuff. With results that hopefully find an audience. I tend to switch from figurative to abstract fairly fluidly. I’m also not fussed about the medium. I am driven by the process of creating something that wouldn’t have otherwise existed: images, objects, or stories and worlds inhabited by stories. One reason why I like creating so-called ‘abstract and abstracted pieces.

I am inspired by natural and mechanical forms, and relationships between elements; such as repetition, echoes, or a flow of line, shape or colour I can develop, distort or enhance to form an image. I often search to understand some kind of rhythm, either visually represented or emotively inherent in the subject.

I am aware I produce a wide variety of different work, but they all freely feed into each other. So life drawings influence landscapes influence abstracts and so-on.

A selection of work on this site has been chosen to represent some of my output over the years. I will add to the various galleries with new works, and work I find either in my own limited archive or from collections held by others. I have never been diligent about recording my work, and limitations of space over the years have meant discarding most of my past output.

Get in touch if you want to talk about anything, especially over coffee. I will consider offers, projects and commissions. However, I’m not motivated, or impressed, by money or celebrity. I value privacy and time is a luxury. You can find me on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, or by sending me an email from this link.